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CE Basic Offer

EC Directives

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Here you will find the procedure of a consulting process leading to the CE marking of a product.




Consulting and research for the procedure of the assessment of CE conformity, performed by the manufacturer himself, resulting in the CE marking of machines

Duties of the Consultant

The consultant renders his service independently, impartially, unbound by instructions, conscientiously and personally.

The consultant is bound by full professional discretion.Upon demand, the consultant notifies his client of the status of his investigations at any time and provides information on the expenses already incurred or to be expected.

Duties of the


The client must ensure that all information, objects and documents are provided in good time and free of charge to enable the consultant to duly and properly perform the contract.

Project Management

  1. Contract briefing, stocktaking

  2. Providing and processing project checklists

  3. Comparison of existing documents with required documents

  4. Investigation and research: laws, directives, standards

  5. Technical documentation, risk analysis

  6. Operating instructions

  7. EC conformity declaration, CE marking

  8. Invoice with proof of hours consumed

  9. Storing the project in the archives

The task sharing between client and consultant has to be adjusted to meet requirements and capacity. It has to be recorded in the project checklist.


140.00 EUR/hour net (= 166,66 incl. German VAT) for consultancy, investigation and research on the basis of proof of hours consumed, plus any other costs incurred (e.g. secretary, purchase of standards, ...) as well as refund of travelling expenses (car at 0.50 EUR/km net (= 0.58 incl. German VAT) or public transport, travelling time at half the hourly rate) according to agreement and expenditure. Settlement of accounts every 4 weeks. In the case of additional expenses, on account agreements may be reached. The statutory German VAT will be added to the net sum.

Terms of Payment

Within one week upon rendering of accounts.

I provide research and consulting services reliably and professionally.

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