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Many manufacturers and designers are afraid of the time and expenditure involved in the EC conformity assessment process simply because they do not know what the situation involves. They mistakenly consider the assessment process to be a bureaucratic burden, tiresome, superfluous and avoidable. However, they forget to weigh up the benefits against the expenditure. The main benefit lies in the shortening of the development period. The integrated safety is systematically built into the product during the CE process instead of through the iterative trial and error process.

Content of the seminar

  1. Drawing up a plan of the project

  2. Developing the checklist

  3. Analysing the facts of the product

  4. EC directives and harmonized standards

  5. Completing the technical documentation

  6. Risk analysis with process documentation

  7. Compiling the operating instructions

  8. EC conformity declaration and CE marking

  9. Project documentation, debriefing, and archiving

At the end of the CE seminar the participants will have gained the following information and work aids:

  • A strategy to help them perform the EC conformity assessment process purposefully, efficiently and profitably

  • Checklists and work aids which will guide them safely and smoothly through the EC conformity assessment process

  • Awareness that the EC conformity assessment process does not pose a threat of endless formalities but that it offers advantages

  • No more fears of the systematic performance of the EC conformity assessment process

  • Knowledge that the EC conformity assessment process supports design of the product and that it can be applied as an element in QM systems

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